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Seven Winds Yoga and Jyotish

Welcome dear one! 

Your life has profound purpose. Its destiny is written in the stars. But the story's not finished! With each moment you participate in its creation. 

So what'll it be? Your soul conducts divine light, incarnated to realise your dhama. Yet sometimes disturbing emotions shroud your luminosity. Or uncertainty about which direction to take clouds your vision. No one's immune from confusion, regret, insecurity and fear.

But light is more powerful, and Jyotish is the Science of Light. Jyotish offers THE universal remedy--true knowledge. It opens your inner eye so you perceive the blueprint of your soul. You understand how to manifest your unique constellation of gifts, both materially and spiritually. As your awareness expands, joy and abundance multiply.

Bring to me your questions or doubts. I want to be of service to you, sharing the power of Yoga and wisdom of Jyotish. With the grace of Divine Love, you can realise a state of inner peace and outer freedom, which is both total and permanent. 

I offer Birth Chart and Specialised readings and Spiritual Counselling. My year-long course offers a life-changing journey of spiritual enquiry. Transformative and totally unique!  Check it out!   

I look forward to meeting you, fellow seeker!  
Om shanti, shanti, shanti




Jaya Ganesha Pahimam!

Jyotish for Yogis!

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New Blog: Shiva is the Lord of Yoga. The Shastras say that the first yoga lesson ever was given by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati, a form of Shakti. And it is through her that the great cornucopia of teachings comes to us. Shiva taught Parvati 84 asanas . . . or was that 84 crore asanas? The myths remain ambiguous, suggesting infinite variety . . . the infinite forms asana—as all life, all paths to the divine—can take. But Shiva taught much more than asana. More