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Seven Winds Yoga and Jyotish

Welcome dear one! I want to be of service to you.

Your life has profound purpose. Its destiny is written in the stars. But the page is not finished! With each moment you participate in the evolution of your destiny. 

So what will it be? Your soul is divine light, incarnated for a mission, a unique constellation of gifts. Yet too often debilitating emotions shroud our radiance. Even those who practice yoga or meditation can get overwhelmed. No one is immune from the suffering of self-doubt, regret, insecurity, fear.

But light is more powerful, and Jyotish is the Science of Light. Jyotish offers a universal remedy for all: true knowledge. It opens the divine eye so you see the blueprint of your soul. You know your purpose, you meet your divine allies. Your awareness expands to manifest confidence, abundance, energy, exuberance, radiant light.  

Bring to me whatever brokenness, confusion, questions or doubts trouble you. I can help you heal challenges in relationship, career, family, health. You can realise a state of inner peace and outer freedom, which is both total and permanent. 

A Birth Chart Reading is the place to start. Specialised readings and Spiritual Counselling can follow. Also inspirational retreats and trainings. Sign up for my Newsletter to stay in touch. 
I look forward to meeting you, fellow seeker!  
Om shanti, shanti, shanti




Meditation for the Month:

"The person to whom is unveiled the
mystery of love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into Love." --Rumi

Latest Blog: When love means pain, it’s time to step outside the dysfunction and ask yourself some big questions. What have you learned? Can you envision your “impossible dream”? Love, in the broadest understanding of the word, means a resonance that joins. In its ultimate expression, love binds the cosmos into One. Its essence is harmony, the “music of the spheres”, where every movement of every life form manifests a higher on